Is ayurvedic treatment for proteinuria a permanent solution?

Two kidneys inside our body manage the level of many necessary and unnecessary compounds and make sure that the waste will not create any kind of hindrance inside the body. But when the kidneys get damaged, it is not able to do so. Ayurvedic treatment for proteinuria helps to cure the damaged kidneys in a natural way and to restore its damaged functions. But before discussing proteinuria ayurvedic treatment it is important to know that what proteinuria actually is and why is treatment necessary.

Proteinuria and its Ayurvedic treatment

Proteinuria means to a situation in which heavy loss of protein from blood is seen which has a bad impact on the overall health of a person. Heavy loss of protein from the body increases the risk of chronic kidney disease for a person. Ayurvedic treatment for proteinuria work to reduce this risk for a person and by restoring the filtration function of the kidneys. If you are now thinking that is the need of protein preservation, then you need to know about the major functions which protein plays in our body. These functions of protein are:

  • Building muscles and tissues
  • Producing hormones such as insulin and oxytocin
  • Enzymes which are actually protein and plays many necessary functions
  • Boosts immune system and produce antigens
  • Protein provides energy

By rejuvenating damaged functions of the kidneys, ayurvedic treatment for proteinuria stops this loss of protein from the body and hence preserves the above-mentioned functions of protein in our body. 

Is proteinuria ayurvedic treatment safe?

​Being a natural and ancient science of treatment, Ayurveda is found to be the safest mode of treatment for a person. This is a treatment which includes natural and unrefined herbs which work for the removal agents that causes kidney failure. Ayurvedic treatment for proteinuria provided by Karma Ayurveda had brought more than 35000 kidney patients away from the complications of kidney disease.

Whether you are in need of proteinuria ayurvedic treatment or a natural treatment for polycystic kidney disease, Dr. Puneet Dhawan at Karma Ayurveda will help you in an utmost manner.
Working since 1937, Karma Ayurveda is proving that how our nature had provided us all with a solution of every disease which is away from any side effects and health disorders. So, if you need to get rid of all the complications of kidney disease naturally, then meet Dr. Puneet Dhawan at Karma Ayurveda today.

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