How to Naturally Detoxify the Kidneys by nephrotic syndrome ayurvedic treatment?

From juicing and natural herbs to kidney detoxify doubtlessly we’re all frantic to cleanse the waste materials, contaminations, and toxins from our body. This is mostly happening because of our hectic and harsh lifestyle which harms our body organs and especially our kidneys. The kidneys are the most significant of all organs with regards to […]

What are the ayurvedic herbs to treat kidney damage?

Kidney damage is a decreased kidney function over time. Kidney damage affects the kidney’s ability to filter waste and toxins from the body. Hence, patients are advised to rely on ayurvedic medicine for kidney made from sacred herbs in nature. Kidney damage is the loss of kidney function because of numerous health conditions that damage the kidney’s […]

What are the 5 Stages of Kidney Failure?

Kidney failure refers to the five stages of renal failure in which glomerular filtration rate drops to its minimal level gradually over time. Kidney failure also called end-stage renal failure refers to the five stages of kidney damage in which glomerular filtration starts dropping down to its minimal level. In the last stage of renal […]

Ayurvedic Chronic Kidney Disease Treatment to Prevent Kidney Damage

Chronic kidney disease refers to the kidney damage that slowly gets severe with the passage of time.  The damage to kidney happens because of several health conditions that may appear in your body and harms its health. The patients suffering from CKD should keep an eye on the early signs of CKD so that the […]

Revive the lost capacities By Kidney Disease Treatment in Ayurveda

If your kidneys have stopped working completely, then you may need acute kidney disease treatment in Ayurveda to get back the lost powers. You may be advised for dialysis or kidney transplant but that will only help you to get relieved from symptoms for a certain period of time. If you are at the stage of a […]

Use of Ayurvedic Medicine for Kidney Problems

Kidney disease refers to the inability of the kidney to purify the blood. Kidneys in a human body perform filtration work and remove toxins through the urine. But when the filtering units called glomeruli do not work properly, a dangerous level of fluids get accumulated inside the tissues making you feel sick. Ayurvedic medicine for kidney problems […]

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